Education Made Right was founded in 2018 by two friends, who are a firm believer in the notion that every child deserved having the RIGHT education. We also believe the idea of learning should be a fun process and every student should nurture a passion for learning.




In establishing Education Made Right, we aim to be a partner with the public schools in providing quality education to our students. 


Education Made Right created and applied the RIGHT principles in our teaching approach, making sure that we deliver a different learning experience to student learning in our centre.


As we are in our beginning years, we have decided to focus on our strengths in coaching students in Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, lower secondary science and O/A level Chemistry. 


In our effort to expand our range of service, we are actively looking for passionate teachers to join us! We will be looking forward to developing our services and programmes to other subjects such as English, Physics, Biology and Humanities. 

"where learning is playing for life"


Ben Wong

Principal Coach & Co-Founder

Mr Ben graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with B.Sc. (Honours) Chemistry and Biological Chemistry.  


For the past six years, he has been an inspiring private coach to his student in Maths and Sciences. By carefully crafting his lesson plans and approaches, he managed to help his student to achieve good grades for their tests and major examinations. 


As a firm believer in the notion of positive influence. Mr Ben give each of his students their deserved attention to establishing a good connection. With this affinity with students, he can spur his student to not only excel in their studies but also in their life.   


In co-founding EducationMadeRight, he hopes to reach out to more students in need of a push for their academic studies. 



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