What are the gaps students are facing?

1. Relevant Approach. We make sure our students are given realistic and effective coaching and learning materials for them to perform!


2. Interest Approach - We make sure our students love our lessons! 


3. Grow Approach- We make sure our students do their best, starting from the fundamentals to higher order thinking. 


4. Holistic Approach- We make sure our students understand the rationale of what they have learnt.

Real life example to give a deep understanding of the subject


5. Technology Approach- We make sure not only our students but parents are able to get timely feedback on their child strengths and weaknesses so to take immediate actions for maximum results! 

1. Education in Singapore have not fully embrace and benefited from the rapid growth of technology. Resulting in inefficiency and lack of suitable measurement tools to track and therefore improve. 


The RIGHT Approach:With the use of apps, parents, teachers and students will have instant access to the learning process. Database to track student performance and weakness and will be highlighted to teacher/coach. Teacher/Coach then could tailor his/her approach to the individual.


2. In teaching, the overuse/abuse of presentation slides in teaching, delivering complex information. 


The RIGHT Approach:We believe in true mentorship/coaching, with minimal use of presentation slides but the use of smart board in delivering classes, as if the teacher is holding the children hand step by step in accomplishing a task that seemed impossible. The “hand-written” notes will be concurrently displayed on each student iPad, and will be automatically saved by the smartboard and uploaded to the database/apps. 


3. STEM subjects are not fully appreciated by children (and parents). They view it as just another subject in school for their to kid to take the exam and pass and move on. This is unhealthy as Singapore needed a strong foundation to innovate and progress. 


The RIGHT Approach: Our classes will taught using the our 3 carefully crafted approaches. Student may be assess for correct placement. For e.g if the S1 student is ready for S3/4 work, we might ask him to join older children or group similar kids and have higher percentage in reinforcement and higher-order thinking content taught by our RIGHT Senior Coach.

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