The RIGHT Principles

Relevant – At EducationMadeRIGHT, our lessons must be made relevant to the students. We designed our lessons to make sense to the student so not only we aim to strengthen the student understanding of the topic taught, but more importantly, the student should enjoy the lesson. 



Interest – At EducationMadeRIGHT, our lessons should be made interesting for students to grasp. The objective of each lesson should aim to not only deliver concepts but also to inspire students to relate to what they have learnt to their everyday life. This gives them the purpose of learning. 



Grow – At EducationMadeRIGHT, our lessons should be view as a building block for the next. We believe in the notion of inculcating a learning habit on how we learn by analysing a new piece of information with our existing knowledge. This technique prepares the student for the future when they face their own life challenges in a VUCA world. (VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) 



Holistic – At EducationMadeRIGHT, our lessons revolve on the 3 building blocks of knowledge namely, Fundamentals, Application, Critical Thinking. We believe that student should not be just taught on the fundamentals but to expand their understanding to real-world application. Whenever possible, students will be encouraged to think of creative solutions to address real-world problem based on what they have learnt in class. This will again nurture the love for learning and with a greater appreciation of what was taught to them.



Technology – At EducationMadeRIGHT, we adopting the concept of EduTech in our pedagogy. We believe with the correct use of technology, it can greatly enhance a student learning journey and experience. The use of technology will also be an excellent tool for measurement to diagnose a student weakness in a subject effectively and efficiently.

Our Approaches

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