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June Holiday Camp 2019

Learning Journey to Singapore Science Centre Dec 2018

O-level Preparatory Classes 2018

1. Mock Exam Sessions

  • Sit for Mock Exam to Mimic Examination Environment and Stress. 


  • Follow By 1-1 Consultation to Address Strengths and Weaknesses.


  • Success In Examination = Knowledge + Exam Smart!


  • Sign up to Prep For O level, and You Will Have Already Won 50% of the battle!


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2. O-level Booster Class

  • Intensive Lessons for Chemistry and Mathematics to Boost Your O Level Score!


  • Cover Common Challenging Topics and Misconceptions


  • Lots of Opportunities to Clear Your Doubts


  • Lots of Practice to Ensure Consistency and Performance


  • Last Burst to Success!


   We have booster classes for the following subjects :


  • Additional Mathematics

  • Elementary Mathematics

  • Sci (Chemistry)

  • Chemistry


   1st 10 confirmations will entitle for a 50% off 1st payment!


   Call us now at 8686 7766


September Holiday Intensive Classes 2018 

 September Holiday Classes 2018

Our most popular holiday intensive classes are back!


These classes are carefully designed to fulfil the 3 Es


       Engaging, Enriching and Enlightening

You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time!

It will support you well in achieving your very best for your coming prelims and O-Level examinations!

Call us now at 8686 7766