3 Ways To Effectively Practise for O​ Level Chemistry and Mathematics Examinations

To do well for O level Chemistry and Mathematics, you cannot escape from the old adage statement "Practise Makes Perfect". However, how do you know if you are practising correctly?

Practice with the RIGHT approach is important!

How you practice, usually differentiate you getting a grade A or B.

Allow me to share with you - 3 ways to make sure you are practising effectively!

1. Practice With Your Eyes and Mind open!

After doing so many past year papers, you should be able to spot for the common keywords used in questions. Link those the keywords to the topic/ concept tested.

Take note on the marks allocation and compare it with the model answer. This will be the length or quality of answers the examiner will be looking for. This prevents you from under-answering resulting in losing points or worse, over-kill in your answers. Which you are not getting extra bonus points, and yet wasting precious time!

2. Practice with Heartwork ❤

Burning midnight oils is hard work. But do you know it is Heartwork too!

When you are doing your revision paper, instil yourself with a positive attitude. Chant to yourself the reason WHY you are doing this?

For eg., I want to score A1, and you must convince yourself that you want it so badly!

This attitude will empower you to do whatever it takes to understand every single mistake that you have made, making sure you remember it and don’t do it again!

It is also this positive attitude that fuels you with unlimited energy to prepare for the battle. It allows you to overcome your own fears and challenges you will face while practising papers after papers.

3. Practice with the right mindset.

Get your mindset right! You are soon fighting a battle!

Exam is more than just testing how well you know the subject. It is also testing a student's ability to perform under stress! So you need to get this in your head!

What you can do is that you SHOULD reserve some unattempted papers for you to condition yourself for the final showdown.

When doing these papers, time and stick to a time-limit.

Taking an example of a pure chemistry paper 2, time yourself to finish by 1 hr 45 mins, or better, finish 10 minutes earlier. This will give yourself ample time to check through your answers.

By doing so, it trains you not just be book-smart, but also to be exam-smart!

This is so important for you in securing your As!


The key message here is to be EXAM SMART.

Practise with the right attitude and mindset is crucial for ensuring good results in examinations.

I hope the 3 ways will aid you in achieving your goals!

So all the best to your revision!

May you achieve your very best in the coming examinations!


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