To score well in exams, you need to be exam smart ​​​​​

" I have revised so hard for my tests and exams, but how come I didn't get good grades?"

"I am able to do all the questions for practice, but why I still underperformed in my exams?"

"How come I can't recall anything when I was in the exam hall?"

How many of you can relate to the above statements?

The question you should be asking yourself or your child is, whether you are revising in the RIGHT way for exams?

There are some specific strategies which we employed when we are coaching our students to ace in their examinations. Although these strategies are deployed during our regular classes too, they are proven to be highly effective in boosting the knowledge retention factor therefore highly elevated a student performance in his/her examination.

To share a few of these strategies:

1. The use of acronyms

2. The use of conceal, do and compare

3. The use of story fabrication or show and tell

4. The use of analogy

O level Preparation

O levels are coming, why take the risk by not be fully prepared for the examinations?

Just solely practising on 10-years series over and over is not good enough to secure As.

At EducationMadeRIGHT, we tailor two programmes to help you or your child to succeed!

1. Mock Exam Session

2. Booster Class

1. Mock Exam Sessions

You need to push yourself to perform under stress!

In these sessions, you or your child will do a paper with the same timing allocated, and the same setting (with the clock ticking, invigilator walking up and down etc., ) to mimic the stressful environment.

Trust me, to do a full paper at ease (leisure) is very different in need to complete it in a given limited time.

You need to learn and practice how to focus, how to strategise your execution plan (time weight, prioritise etc.)

Sign up for our mock exam trial session, and get yourself ready for the real battle!

Do sign up now and get a free assessment on what's your strengths and weakness for the mock test you have sat with us!

Don't wait anymore, call/text us at +65 8686 7766

2. Booster Classes

We will be running booster classes for O level Mathematics and Chemistry.

In these classes (once a week), we will use the above-mentioned strategies and more to coach you or your child to feel more confident in the subjects and therefore naturally their performance in the examination will be significantly boosted!

In these classes, we will discuss the common mistakes and misconception for the subjects, and what to look out for (what the question is asking exactly!) when you or your child is attempting the question!

Besides, you or your child will be given plenty of opportunities to clear the doubts that needed to be purge open for linkages (between topics/chapters) to happen!

In short, fundamentals will be revisited, confidence will be built in tackling higher order questions and performance will be greatly enhanced!

Do remember, by getting yourself ready is already a sure win of 50% of the game!

For booster classes we have limited slots, so do call/text us at +65 8686 7766

Signing off


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