Mathematics Tuition

Mathematics is one of the many essential skills and knowledge that we need to equip ourselves with. Be it you aspire to be an engineer, scientist, business owner, an investor, we need mathematics to make the right decisions.


At our learning centre, our student learning experiences start with building the fundamentals. This is followed by imbuing confidence in our students by expanding their knowledge to apply what they have learnt to more solve advanced and challenging questions. Last but not least, real-life examples and scenarios will be incorporated into our lessons to give our students a sense of appreciation for the subject while developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. ​


Our Objectives 

At Education Made Right Learning Centre, we aim to offer high-quality mathematics classes by delivering the following:


1. We aim for our student to be equipped with a rock solid foundation in mathematical concepts and formulas.

2. We aim for our student to be a confident problem solver even when challenged with complex maths questions.

3. We aim for our student to have significant improvement not just in grades but also,

4. We aim for our student to be a true learner with deep understanding and appreciation for the subject. 

Common Difficulties Faced By Students in Learning Mathematics

With our many years of experience in coaching students from various walks of life, we identified 4 major pitfalls and difficulties faced by students in mastering mathematics. With this understanding, we devise the RIGHT principles, and apply it to our teaching approaches to aspire our students to perform their very best!
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