Physical Sciences Tuition & Coaching

A strong understanding of science opens one understanding of how our world works. To be able to create inventions and bring about innovation, a strong foundation in science is imperative.  
The other important reason to master science is the opportunities for the student to hone their analytical, observation and critical thinking skills. These skills are all highly sought for by employers of the present and even more so in the future.
Being a trained physical chemist ourselves, we know what are the correct ingredients needed to spur our next generation on to love the sciences and to excel in them!  

Our Objectives 

At Education Made Right Learning Centre, we aim to offer high-quality science classes by delivering the following:


1. We aim for our student to be equipped with a rock solid foundation in fundamental topics and concepts.

2. We aim for our student to be a confident problem solver by practising the C-E-R framework (Claims, Evidence     and Reasoning).

3. We aim for our student to have significant improvement not just in grades but also,

4. We aim for our student to be a true learner with deep understanding and appreciation for the subject. 

5. We aim for our student to be equipped with the soft skills necessary to excel in science and life.

We Can Help You to Succeed!

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