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Teaching  Materials

Carefully prepared resources to aid students to learn fast and excel

Small class size to ensure every student is given the best attention

An experience mentor and a passionate teacher who not only teach but inspire learning

Group lesson + Individual coaching = Perfect combo for student to achieve results

free Tutorial  class

Passionate Coach

Small Class Size

Teaching Materials

Our specially prepared teaching resources are designed with our "RIGHT" principles in place. It has to be relevant with the aim of not only to achieve the lesson objective but to reinforce understanding of the subject. E.g., how this topic is inter-related to the past chapters etc. 
Every lesson will comes with proper study notes and worksheets for students. These study notes are not just merely powerpoint slides which most centre used. Our notes are carefully designed to provide the necessary scaffolding to aid the student in his/her learning process
The set of the worksheet given will work on drilling the fundamentals, followed by challenging questions to test the student understanding. The student will be stretch further with higher-order questions which could cover inter-disciplinary subjects to address current affairs or to solve real-world problems.

Small Class Size

Learning in a group is beneficial when the teacher can facilitate meaningful discussions while the students will be able to learn from each other. In this optimal setting, it accelerated learning and enforced a deeper understanding of the topic that was discussed during the lesson.
To make group learning more conducive and effective, our class size is kept to a maximum of 6 students per class to ensure ample time is given to all students. This is important to us because we believe that each student learns and understand each topic differently.
By keeping the class size small, the teacher will have greater visibility of the progress of each student and student will also have the opportunity to clear their doubts.

Passionate Coach

An effective lesson requires not only a set of excellent teaching resources but more importantly, a passionate teacher. 
Our principal coach, Mr Ben is known for his patience and his ability to connect with his students. Students always feedback on what they like the most is his ability to break apart a difficult topic into bite sizes, therefore making it easier for them to understand and apply.
Through his 7 years of experience in both private and group tuition assignments, he has met students with different needs and learning capacity. His approach is to give every student the deserved attention and to cater to their learning needs. 

Free Tutorial Class 

What if the student still requires an extra boost after the lesson? 
As part of our RIGHT principle, we believe in helping every student to achieve to their best capability by providing a holistic education.
By having addition free coaching tutorial after lessons, the student can seek extra help with no additional charges. 

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