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Education Made Right (EMR) Learning Centre was founded in 2018 by a pair of good friends. They strongly believe that every child deserves receiving the RIGHT education. To these friends, learning should be a fun process in which they hope that every EMR student would nurture a passion for learning. While establishing EMR, the ultimate aim is to be a partner of the public schools through providing quality lessons for all EMR students. Hence, the application of the RIGHT principles in lessons would enhance an EMR student's learning experience.

"where learning is playing for life", (EMR Founders)

Located in the western region of Singapore in Teck Whye neighbourhood, EMR's location is highly accessible via public transportation.  

EMR began its journey by channeling its core strengths in subjects such as Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, lower secondary, N-Level, O-Level Chemistry and Physics, A-Level and Tertiary Mathematics and Chemistry. These subjects remain as EMR's current core subjects being offered to any students who would like to join EMR at the learning centre. 

Teaching Philosophy

At Education Made Right Learning Centre, coaches adopt the

R-I-G-H-T principles into the lessons in striving to provide an interesting and holistic learning environment.

Coaches constantly motivate students to think out of the box with Mathematics and Science and that mistakes are attributable to the success of their learning journey here at EMR. Students are taught to associate with what they have learned in their daily lives so as to spark their curiosity minds.

Co-Founder of Education Made Right

Since 2012, Ben specialises in teaching Mathematics and Sciences subjects which also forms the core of EMR's offerings. He carefully crafts his lessons and learning approaches to aid the students better. Ben's teaching style managed to help his students score well in the two subjects. 

Apart from solely teaching, Ben is also a firm believer in bringing out the best in each student for non-academic areas of their lives. For that, Ben forges a strong connection with his students. With this strong connection, Ben hopes that he could positively influence them in one way or another. 

"We strongly believe that strong fundamental is the key essential in the development of advance knowledge," (Ben Wong)


Ben graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with

B.Sc. (Honours) Chemistry and Biological Chemistry.  

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