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Teaching Philosophy


At Education Made Right (EMR), our lessons are closely guided by the RIGHT principles in aiding the learning of our students.

Each alphabet in R-I-G-H-T has a true representation behind it. 

Relevant - Lessons taught at EMR are closely associated to what have been taught in school

Interest - Our lessons ignite the interests of every inquisitive mind which teaches them the purpose of learning

Grow - At EMR, our lessons are viewed as building blocks for the next

Holistic - Our lessons are not just fundamentals but encourages every student to understand present real-world issues

Technology - Adopting technology in our pedagogy stimulates student's learning journey and experience at EMR

With the RIGHT principles, we hope to develop three main outcomes out of the students in EMR.

  1. Thinking out of the box with Maths & Science​

  2. A mistake is a lesson well learnt

  3. Learning for a higher purpose

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