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Homecoming Day for 2021 'O' Level students


Friendships Forged at EMR

Chemistry, Physics, Amaths, Emaths, Secondary, JC, Tuition

"Joining EMR gave me a fresh perspective in learning, making the learning experience much more enjoyable and easier. All in all, I'm glad to be part of EMR as a student.

Isaac Goh,

2021 'O' Level Student

"Before joining EMR, my Chemistry results were mere passes to C5. After attending lessons with Mr Ben where he simplified challenging topics for me, I was able to understand concepts easily. My grades improved tremendously to an A2 at 'O' Levels."

Sarah Chua,

2021 'O' Level Student

"After joining the Chemistry lessons at EMR, my grades had improved from a C6 in Sec 3 to an A1 in Sec 4. I love that snacks and drinks are provided to keep us energised throughout the lesson!"

Lai Jia Jun,

2021 'O' Level Student

"Mr Faruq had helped me greatly with my understanding in Mathematics. He would always try his best to ensure that I understand the topics that I am weaker at. With that, I improved tremendously in my grades from getting a U before to a B3 at 'N' levels"


2021 'N' Level Student

"Mr Casey was always responsive to my questions on the topics that I am unsure with. He would always go out of his way to help me understand the topics that were more difficult. Thankful that he is a very patient tutor.

Cheng Ting,

2021 'A' Level Student

Student bonding time with tutor

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