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Our Coaches

Coach /kəʊtʃ/: give (someone) extra teaching
By definition, it is exactly what we do here at Education Made Right (EMR). We wish to add value to the learning experience of
every student enrolled in EMR. Our coaches do not only teach, but they would also give each student something extra
which the students may benefit in other areas of their life aside from the academics.

Our team of coaches is led by EMR's Co-Founder and Principal Coach, Mr. Ben Wong. The coaches are closely guided by Mr. Ben's teaching techniques so that every student receives the best and most consistent in their learning.

Meet the EMR team
Tutor Ben_edited.jpg

As the Principal Coach, Mr. Ben provides the overall direction and guidance to the education team at EMR. This ensures that all coaches would execute the appropriate techniques used to teach the students. In co-founding EMR, Mr. Ben hopes to reach out to more students in need of a push in their academics. 

Mr. Ben Wong


Principal Coach, Mathematics & Chemistry Specialist

Mr. Casey has over 15 years of experience lecturing and tutoring. He has taught students from RI, RGS, HCI, etc. He is always ready to help whenever his students need assistance with challenging mathematics and physics questions from their JCs or to clarify concepts. Mr. Casey ensures his students' conceptual fundamentals are strengthened before tackling the challenging questions.

Mr. Casey Yong

Senior Coach

JC Mathematics & Physics Specialist

Tutor Casey.png
Tutor Faruq_edited.jpg

Mr. Faruq is currently pursuing a B.Sc. (Honours) in Aerospace Engineering at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), graduating in August 2022. He first started teaching students privately prior to joining EMR. Here, Mr. Faruq focuses on setting the fundamental concepts right for his students through rigorous practices. His specialty lies in monthly curated quizzes to sum up the topics covered. In his words, "Every student deserves a good mentor to guide them during their educational journey."

Mr. Faruq Idham

Senior Coach

Secondary Mathematics Specialist

Mr. Alistair is an undergraduate in his final year taking B.Sc. (Honours) in Aerospace Engineering at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). He has a strong ability in identifying his students' weaknesses. Mr. Alistair strives to tackle the students' weaknesses through customised lessons for their easy understanding. Out of lessons, Mr. Alistair participates in various sports activities as he believes that it would help him to stay focused during the time spent teaching his students.

Mr. Alistair Chua

Tutor Alistair_edited.jpg


Secondary Physics & Amath Specialist

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