Our Coaches

Coach /kəʊtʃ/: give (someone) extra teaching

By definition, it is exactly what we do here at Education Made Right (EMR). We want to add value to the learning experience of

every student enrolled in EMR. Our coaches do not only teach, but they would also give each student something extra

which the students may benefit in other areas of their life aside from the academics aspect.

Our team of coaches is led by EMR's Co-Founder and Principal Coach, Mr. Ben Wong. The coaches are closely guided by the way of Mr. Ben's teaching so that every student receives only the best method and technique for their learning.

Ben Wong

Co-Founder &

Principal Coach

Mr. Ben had graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with B.S.c (Honours) Chemistry and Biological Chemistry.

Mr. Ben began his coaching journey as a private coach in 2014 in Maths and Science. Through careful crafting of lesson plans and approaches, he has helped many students achieve good grades in their tests and major examinations.

Apart from teaching, Mr. Ben instills life learning lessons to his students as well. This forms part of the holistic aspect of the RIGHT principles which EMR adopts. 

Mr. Ben hopes to reach out to as many students needing the extra help in their academics.