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Chemistry is not entirely about working with chemicals during lab experiments. It occurs in your daily lives too - when you add sugar to your tea and it dissolves, now that's chemistry in action!

The coaches at EMR work hard at every lesson to ensure that every student enjoys the topics that come along with the subject that they are studying for. In this case, the subject of concern - Chemistry. This is by enticing students, triggering their inquisitive minds and questioning them when being questioned. At the same time, we engage with the students through hands-on Chemistry experiments, videos and even working through together Chemistry questions.

Experiments @ EMR

pH Indicator Experiment

For this experiment, we use special chemicals to test whether are they acidic or alkaline based on the colour that they turn into. Parents are to be assured that the experiments conducted are in a safe environment and all safety measure are taken in carrying out the experiment.

Programme Schedule
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