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Did you notice that your body tend to jerk forward when a vehicle you are in be it a car or a bus, makes a complete stop?
That's inertia and also simple physics that you experience in your daily lives.

Every subject is as interesting as it could get whether they are taking Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics. At EMR, we wish that every student walks through the door looking ever forward to begin their lessons with us. Coupled with a homely setting and snacks bar to boost their learning, students will look forward to an enriching and fulfilling lesson at the end of their sessions. 

Experiments @ EMR

Kinetic energy experiment

In this experiment, we test different amount of potential energy to eject the ball out from the catapult which is then converted into kinetic energy for the ball to land in one of the coloured holes. Parents are to be assured that the experiments conducted are in a safe environment and all safety measure are taken in carrying out the experiment.

Programme Schedule
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