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At Education Made Right (EMR), the programmes offered to students are specialised in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. We strive in making learning easier and faster for your child through our programme structure. Our goal for your child is to stress less, score well.

EMR adopts a collaborative learning approach where students get to learn in a small group of up to a maximum of six students per group. We also offer live webinars for students who prefer learning online to save on travelling time. The structure and flexibility of our programmes provide students with a quality learning experience. Additionally, all students are welcome to join our complimentary tutorial sessions to reinforce all learning concepts taught during the weekly lessons.

We monitor the progress of each student very closely and ensure that we gather and provide feedback to all parents in a timely manner. We would like to assure all parents of the quality in the delivery of our lessons and results from your children's effort.

Programme Details
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Mathematics is an important skill and knowledge to acquire for it is very relevant in our daily lives.

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Chemistry allows every student to appreciate the daily phenomenon of how many things around us react under certain conditions.



Physics would help students to trigger their inquisitive minds in appreciating what occurs in their surroundings.

Lesson Schedules
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