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We offer quality small group tuition in a conducive classroom. Students will be taught with our in-house developed system and teaching resources. Prompt feedback will be given to parents and students after every lesson via a mobile application (app). Students are welcome to our free tutorial sessions to reinforce the concepts taught during the weekly class.

Is our learning centre too far away from you? Or do you prefer to learn in your study room? Opt for our Individual learning option and our trained tutors will bring along our system and resources to your place of convenience. Lesson plans will be tailored according to the student's learning pace and areas for improvement. Offers flexibility to best suit your preferred date and time. 

Live webinars for students who prefer the convenience of online learning to save on travelling time. In the recent circuit breaker, we manage to convert our lessons to online live coaching classes allowing our students to continue in learning with the same resources and support with minimal disruption. 


Students who need help in Elementary Mathematics (E Maths) , Additional Mathematics (A Maths), Calculus and Engineering Mathematics.

Having difficulties learning algebra?

Think is too difficult to understand geometries?

Differentiation and Integration are hard? 

We are here to help!

Physical Sciences

Students who need help in chemistry and physics. We provide quality coaching in these for O Level, N Level, A Level, Diploma and Degree Courses.

Trying hard to balance chemical equations?

Want to always get the stoichiometric ratio right?

 We are here to help!

Our Rates

For collaborative learning - Group & Online Live Coaching

Rates stated below are based on per subject on a monthly basis 

4 sessions at 2 hours each 

Lower Secondary

Elementary Mathematics and Sciences Tuition


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Rates stated below are based on per subject on a monthly basis 

4 sessions at 2 hours each 

Upper Secondary (Secondary 3 and O/N Levels)

O/N levels Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Chemistry Tuition


A Level, Diploma and Degree Courses

Calculus, Engineering Mathematics, Organic Chemistry, Analytical and Chemistry Tuition


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For individual learning - Private Coaching

Individual Learning

Price will depend on the student level (O/N/A) level and the experience of the tutor assigned. Feel free to speak to us to find out more!


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