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Are you struggling with Mathematics? Unable to cope with Chemistry and Physics? 

Don't worry, we provide quality tuition classes in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics for YOU.

We understand that maths and science concepts can be confusing. At school, with a big class size, teachers can't help much and provide you with enough help and support

If you are currently a student at lower secondary, O-Level, A-Level, N Level, and tertiary students.

We are here to help you to make YOU score well at your next examinations

With our RIGHT approach, 

Students will show improvement in just after 2 tuition classes with us! 

Quality Coaching 

Effective Lessons

Enlightened Students

We provide coaching services to the following levels and subjects

For Secondary, O Level, N-Level Mathematics

Elementary Mathematics, E Maths Tuition 

Additional Mathematics, A Maths Tuition 

For Secondary, O Level, N Level Physical Sciences

Combined Science, Chemistry Tuition

Combined Science, Physics Tuition

Pure Chemistry Tuition

Pure Physics Tuition

For A Levels, (Junior College) Mathematics and Chemistry

H1 Mathematics Tuition

H2 Mathematics Tuition

H1 Chemistry Tuition

H2 Chemistry Tuition

For Diploma and Degree in Mathematics and Chemistry

Calculus Tuition

Engineering Mathematics Tuition

Organic Chemistry Tuition

Analytical Chemistry Tuition

What do our students say about us?

Best Chemistry and Mathematics Tuition in Singapore
Chemistry Mathematics Tuition
Chemistry and Mathematics Tuition Approach
Best Chemistry and Mathematics Tuition
Private Coaching
Collaborative Learning

Our 2021 Mathematics and Science Coaching classes for Secondary 1, Secondary 2, O levels, N levels and A Levels are open for registration! 


Subjects offered:


We offer tutoring services for the following,


1. Elementary Mathematics, E Maths, Tuition Class

2. Additional Mathematics, A Maths Tuition Class

3. Combined Chemistry & Pure Chemistry Class

4. Combined Physics & Pure Physics Tuition Class

Why Us?


1. Free extra tutorial lessons for all our group tuition students


2. Free learning materials developed by Tutor Ben at no extra cost. No material fees needed.


3. Small Class Size, up to a maximum of 6 students per class.

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